Minga Perú is an organization that has been empowering the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon since 1998.

In 1998, Minga began its work in the Peruvian Amazon through creating and broadcasting a radio program “Bienvenida Salud” (Welcome Health), into the remote communities. 

Bienvenida Salud provided much needed critical information on health, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, bio-conservation, and income generating projects.  The radio programs were based on listener letters that arrived by boat from the communities.  From those letters and radio programs, Minga also began providing empowerment workshops to indigenous women on similar topics.
In just a few short years, the communities witnessed a decrease in domestic violence and teen pregnancy, an increase in women participation in local government and an increase in family income, which made Minga quickly become a regional leader in communications for social change.

In 2002, Minga began to share its model with organizations supported by the Ford FoundationAVINAKellogg FoundationAmerican Jewish World Service, and the UN Women Fund for Gender Equality, offering workshops to hundreds of leaders and reaching 109 different indigenous groups.

In 2011, these workshops evolved into a more systematic training program, and in alliance with the Inter-American Foundation, Minga created FICE (Spanish acronym – Institutional Strengthening in Strategic Communications).
Subsequently, more foundations and groups have partnered with us and joined the program, such as the National Endowment for DemocracyThe EMpower FoundationAshoka, and the New England Biolabs Foundation, allowing us to strengthen over 120 grassroots organizations and networks in 16 countries across LAC and other parts of the world.
Minga’s work continues in the Amazon today.  Its radio program based on over 45,000 listener letters now reaches over 360,000 listeners.  For more information about Minga, go to www.mingaperu.org

Fortalecimiento Institucional en Comunicación Estratégica

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D: José de la Jara y Ureta 264 2do Piso, Lima 18

T: +511 242 0223

E: info@mingaperu.org

Executive Director: Eliana Elías eliana@mingaperu.org

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